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Woodbury Glass, located in Woodbury, Minnesota, has the ability to turn your everyday shower into an exquisite oasis that will change the whole demeanor of your bathroom. Our staff, with professionalism and expert knowledge, will work with you to determine your needs, budget, and style to conform your shower to exactly what you need. If you are a DIY type of person, we can assist you in your shower project by taking skilled measurements, completing installation, or all of the above. We are your local authority in shower renovation and can offer you glass and many other material options that will help shape your new shower.

Shower Doors
We offer a large variety of options and styles of custom-made shower enclosures. Our stunning shower and tub enclosures combine anodized aluminum framing with tempered safety glass ranging from 3/16” to 3/8” in thickness, depending on the application. Each shower enclosure will be custom-fit in your space and we utilize on-site measuring to ensure it’s a perfect fit every time. For our customer convenience, our doors are shipped anywhere in the US and Canada.

Woodbury Glass only works with manufactures that provide the very highest in quality and value. We also have access to a revolutionary nanotechnology called Stay-So-Clean, which is a polymer that fills the pores in glass to repel water, making it difficult for scum and other containments to adhere to the surface. The result is glass that is protected from scum, hard water stains, and etching.

If you need installation, or just help measuring to be sure you get the right size, we are happy to help with that. Just ask us!

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We carry a full line of shower and tub enclosures, including:
Basco Shower enclosures are consistently rated number one in quality and brand preference.
Southeastern Aluminum Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Bath Enclosures and Shower Doors for the residential and commercial building industry.
Cardinal Traditional Series offers a broad spectrum of shower enclosures to meet your requirements.
Alumax Bath: Whether you are looking for a sliding shower door, pivot, hinged, or heavy glass system Alumax has the product to match any specifications.

Woodbury Glass works with four major shower door manufacturers. We are specializing in European style frameless heavy glass shower enclosures as well as standard framed and frameless shower and tub enclosures. Only quality materials are used to ensure years of long-lasting results.

Stay-So-Clean is a revolutionary nanotechnology that keeps glass and other hard surfaces clean and protects from hard water spots, etching, and just plain scum! The process treats the glass or other hard surface so that it fills the ‘pores’ or valleys on the surface with a polymer. The polymer repels water (hydrophobic ) and oil (oleophobic ). When using this process on your surfaces, water beads up and runs off faster, taking contaminates with it. Therefore, less scum!

Stay-So-Clean comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is renewed every time we come out to re-apply the chemical. If the glass is ruined, or permanently stained, we will replace the glass or refund the cost of the Stay-So-Clean.

Download Stay-S0-Clean PDF HERE
Please give us a call at 651-755-3000 or us for more details or help with enclosures.

Our trained team will bring reliability and superior craftsmanship to your shower enclosure project. Call Woodbury Glass today for a free estimate at 651.755.3000.

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